Benefits of Credit Cards for Monthly Shopping Transactions

The use of credit cards as a substitute for cash is now very common. Some of the conveniences offered by credit cards in shopping make their use increasingly increasing. Although they know the risks of using a credit card that can lead to large bills if it is not wise in its use.

But somehow, the demand for this credit card is unrelenting. Credit cards do look amazing, especially for those who are passionate about shopping. How not, with a credit card, a person can get various benefits such as promotional prices and attractive discounts for shopping, dining, and other entertainment.

With this discount and promo price, of course, someone will be happier and can make their monthly budget more efficient, because having a credit card that works with a particular supermarket will make you have its own advantages. Then what are the other benefits that you can get from monthly spending using this credit card? Following the review.

Get a Special Promo

Get a Special Promo

The first advantage of spending monthly using a credit card is to get special promos. Getting a promo price will indeed feel very pleasant. With the promo price, we will get a cheaper price than the usual price. For men, the promo price may not be too much, but for women who love to shop, the promo price is valuable and very profitable.

Credit card providers often cooperate with several shops or shopping places to provide attractive prices for credit cardholders. The goal is clear so that credit card owners can be very spoiled with very economical and profitable shopping. For example, Fine Bank Bank is one of the credit card issuing banks that have cooperated with supermarkets. Through the Bank Fine Bank credit card labeled Carrefour Fine Bank Card, users are entitled to get special promos given every transaction at all Carrefour stores.

Some other benefits of Carrefour Fine Bank Card are unlimited deals or savings with year-round discounts when shopping at Carrefour retail. Bank Fine Bank credit cards provide a 5% discount for purchases of Carrefour private label products, 1.5% Cashback for all transactions at the Carrefour store, and special offers every week at Carrefour outlets. For those of you who already have a Fine Bank Bank credit card, of course, you already feel the benefits of monthly spending by using a credit card.

0% Installment Program


The 0% installment program offer is the next benefit of monthly spending using a credit card. When you want to shop monthly, usually you might be then also interested in buying electronic furniture and home appliances. Because when you shop at the supermarket, the needs purchased are not just limited to food products. Of course, you also need electronic furniture that needs such as TVs, washing machines, telephones, and others.

With a 0% installment and a certain discount, you will be able to save more than your initial budget.

Easier and Practical

Easier and Practical

As the purpose was first created, a credit card is a tool used to facilitate someone in making transactions. With a credit card, you don’t need to bother carrying cash that is very troublesome and risks losing. With a credit card, you will find it easier and more practical to shop for your monthly needs. After you are done with the groceries, you only need to issue a credit card to be swiped by the store’s cashier. And your monthly shopping case is completed easily and practically.

By using a credit card, you will also be able to process transactions faster at the cashier than when you use cash. But in using this credit card, you also shouldn’t be complacent. You should be able to adjust the budget or restrictions that exist on your credit card to the needs that you want to buy.

Do not let your credit card backfire for those of you who want convenience and practicality, even wrapped in large debt. So Although it is practical and easy, shopping with a credit card at a supermarket also needs to be tightened even though there are still many limits available.

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